Encrypted Media Extensions

The Uiza player uses the open web standards Encrypted Media Extensions (EME) and Apple Fairplay to play DRM content.

Browser and OS support matrix

Client OS As of Version Widevine PlayReady FairPlay
Safari macOS, iOS 11.2.1+ for iOS
8+ for macOS
Google Chrome¹ Windows, macOS, Android, iOS 75+ for Android
75+ for iOS, only iOS 13+
42+ for others OS
Firefox² Windows, macOS, iOS 67+ for iOS, only iOS 13+
57+ for others OS
Microsoft Edge³ Windows 10 12+ ✔︎
IE⁴ Windows 8.1, Windows 10 11 ✔︎
Other web browser Windows, macOS, Android HTML5 (MSE Browsers) ✔︎


** Page needs to be served over HTTPS

** Other iOS browsers like Chrome or Firefox are supported DRM only from iOS 13+.

¹: Only official Chrome builds contain the Widevine CDM. Chromium built from source does not support DRM.

²: DRM must be enabled by the user. The first time a Firefox user visits a site with encrypted media, the user will be prompted to enable DRM. Firefox Mobile for Android is unsupported DRM at the moment.

³: PlayReady in Edge does not seem to work on a VM or over Remote Desktop.

⁴: IE 11 offers PlayReady support on Windows 8.1 and Windows 10 only.